DSST COVID-19 Updates and Resources

FSU Coronavirus Updates

For the latest and most up-to-date information about Coronavirus, please visit https://news.fsu.edu/tag/coronavirus/.

Fall 2021 Operations

The Department of Student Support & Transitions will provide core programs and services both in-person and virtually for Fall 2021. Please click the dropdown menu below for specific updates and information regarding each of our six offices, as well as the Food for Thought Pantry. 

Accessibility Services

  • The Office of Accessibility Services continues to register students for services via AIM with all intake appointments occurring via Zoom for HIPPA, phone, Skype or in-person.  
  • Walk in hours will be Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (in-person or virtual). OAS will continue to provide all approved accommodations whether a student is enrolled in a virtual/remote course or face to face. Disability Specialists are available to help with any questions or concerns by scheduling a meeting via phone, email, or in-person.  
  • Accessible face masks (clear around the mouth area) are available for students (and their faculty members) who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing (HOH) who rely on lip-reading.  
  • Contact the Office of Accessibility Services by emailing oas@fsu.edu or calling (850) 644-9566. 

Case Management Services

  • Case Management Services provides assistance via walk-ins or by appointment (virtual or in-person). If a virtual appointment is preferred, students will be given a space and computer to speak with a Case Manager.  
  • Students who wish to schedule a meeting with a Case Manager should complete the CMS Intake form (http://dsst.fsu.edu/cms/intake). A staff member will then reach out to schedule an appointment.
  • Contact Case Management Services by emailing casemanagement@fsu.edu or calling (850) 644-9555. 

New Student & Family Programs

  • Orientation sessions will continue to be held virtually through August 2021. Spring Admit Orientation sessions are anticipated to be in-person from October - January (registration will open in mid-September).
  • First-year and family programming is being offered virtually and in-person depending on the event. For more information, visit Welcome FSU, calendar.fsu.edu, and subscribe to the Family Connection e-Newsletter, and follow NSFP on social media
  • Chart Your Course, FSU's first-year seminar, will be held face to face in the Fall semester. Spaces remain available for students to register for Chart Your Course--to register, log into your myFSU account and search for SLS 2206.
  • The NSFP main office, located in University Center A 4320, is open. NSFP will provide both virtual and in-person options when scheduling meetings with students and/or family members.
  • Contact New Student & Family Programs by emailing nsfp@fsu.edu or calling (850) 644-2785. 

Investigations & Assessment

  • The Office of Investigations and Assessment (I&A) primarily functions on an appointment-based model.
  • I&A will provide both virtual and in-person options when scheduling meetings with students.
  • In-person meetings will be scheduled in a space that allows for safe, social distancing. Masks are not required for in-person meetings, but they are recommended.
  • You may continue to report concerns regarding Registered Student Organization misconduct via https://report.fsu.edu. In the event of an emergency, contact FSU PD at 850-644-1234.
  • Contact Investigations & Assessment by emailing sst-investigations@fsu.edu or calling (850) 644-2428. 

Victim Advocate Program

  • The Office of the Victim Advocate Program will continue to be available to all students 24/7.
  • VAP will move to appointments only process. However, any student who comes to VAP inquiring about an appointment will check in with the office administrator to set up a Zoom appointment which will occur immediately (if an advocate is available) or at the earliest available appointment time.
  • Contact the Victim Advocate Program by emailing victims-advocate@fsu.edu, calling (850) 644-7161 (24/7) or texting (850) 756-4320. 

Withdrawal Services

  • The Office of Withdrawal Services will continue to process applications online and will meet with students and families via phone, Zoom, or in-person.
  • The withdrawal application is fully online, so staff are able to monitor the progress of your application, provide access to the application, and offer advice and referrals.
  • If assistance is needed, students will be directed to an available area to conduct a Zoom meeting or directed to a room where social distancing can be implemented for a face-to-face meeting.
  • Contact Withdrawal Services by emailing withdrawal-services@fsu.edu or calling (850) 644-1741. 

Food for Thought Pantry

  • The Food for Thought Pantry is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
  • Only one student is permitted in the pantry at a time. After checking in with an FSUID, students can grab a bag and any food items that they would like consistent with daily limits. Staff will get desired refrigerated/freezer items for students. 
  • For more information about the Food for Thought Pantry, visit https://dsst.fsu.edu/resources/food-for-thought-pantry