• Photo of a family on the campus of Florida State University during Parents' Weekend

Recommendations for Support & Assistance

Florida State University has many resources available to families and students before, during, and after the college experience. Below you will find a list of common family member interest/concern topic areas. Below each topic area, we have listed some of the appropriate University offices, programs, or service/resources available to address questions in that area. We have also provided the names of Family Connection Council Members who are available to provide informal support for that topic area should you need a peer Family Member to mentor you through an issue or to just to listen. If you have a question for a member of the Family Connection Council, click HERE to send an email (in the subject line please include the name of the family member you are interested in contacting or the topic of question; we will route your message to the appropriate member(s) for response).

Members of the Family Connection Council are not employees of Florida State University. They offer their advice and time as enthusiastic supporters of FSU and engaged family members of current students. As always, please do not hesitate to contact the professional staff in New Student & Family Programs and Department of Student Support and Transitions if you have additional questions or need more support and guidance.

Student Transition & Homesickness
  1. New Student & Family Programs: dsst.fsu.edu/nsfp
  2. Department of Student Support and Transitions: dsst.fsu.edu
  3. University Housing Residence Life: housing.fsu.edu
  4. University Counseling Center: counseling.fsu.edu
  5. New ‘Nole website: dsst.fsu.edu/newnole
  6. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu
Academic Information & Assistance
  1. Academic Colleges & Departments: fsu.edu/academics/departments.html
  2. Academic Program Guide: www.academic-guide.fsu.edu
  3. Academic Advisor Search: our.undergrad.fsu.edu/advisor_search/advisors.php
  4. Academic Center for Excellence (ACE): ace.fsu.edu
  5. Division of Undergraduate Studies: undergrad.fsu.edu
  6. Office of the University Registrar: registrar.fsu.edu
  7. FSU Libraries: www.lib.fsu.edu
  8. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu
Getting Involved in College
  1. Oglesby Union: union.fsu.edu
  2. Student Activities: union.fsu.edu/sac/involvement/
  3. Recognized Student Organizations: nolecentral.dsa.fsu.edu/
  4. Union Productions: up.union.fsu.edu
  5. Campus Recreation: campusrec.fsu.edu
  6. Center for Leadership and Social Change: thecenter.fsu.edu
  7. Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: greeklife.fsu.edu
  8. Hazing Education and Prevention: hazing.fsu.edu
  9. Interfaith Council: interfaithcouncil.fsu.edu
  10. Student Government Association: sga.fsu.edu
  11. International Programs: international.fsu.edu
  12. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu
University Housing & Dining
  1. University Housing: housing.fsu.edu
  2. Seminole Dining: seminoledining.com
  3. SGA’s Off–Campus Housing Resources: offcampushousing.fsu.edu
  4. New Student & Family Program’s Off–Campus Living Guide: Tallahassee & Off–Campus Living Guide
  5. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu
Money Matters & Financial Aid
  1. Office of Student Business Services: studentbusiness.fsu.edu
  2. Office of Financial Aid: financialaid.fsu.edu
Student Health & Safety
  1. FSU Police Department: police.fsu.edu
  2. Health & Wellness Center: healthcenter.fsu.edu
  3. University Counseling Center: counseling.fsu.edu
  4. Victim Advocate Program: dsst.fsu.edu/vap
  5. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu
Miscellaneous Student Services
  1. Division of Student Affairs: studentaffairs.fsu.edu
  2. Department of Student Support and Transitions: dsst.fsu.edu
  3. Office of Accessibility Services: dsst.fsu.edu/oas
  4. Parking and Transportation: parking.fsu.edu
  5. FSU Bookstore: fsu.bkstr.com
  6. FSUCard Center: fsucard.fsu.edu
  7. Career Center: career.fsu.edu
  8. Information Technology Services: its.fsu.edu/Students
  9. Center for Global Engagement: cge.fsu.edu
  10. Family Connection Council Members: family@admin.fsu.edu