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Structure of Degree Programs

120 units minimum

All college degrees require at least 120 units to graduate; a few programs (Music, Engineering) require more. Most college courses are 3 units and most labs are 1–2 units.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies (general education) — 36 units: These courses, which are the foundation of your higher education experience, have been developed to provide a range of knowledge while offering flexibility to pursue areas of interest. They include Freshman Composition, mathematics, history, social science, humanities, and science courses. Click here for more information.

Major prerequisites

Major prerequisites (varies by major): Some majors have courses that must be satisfied before a student can enter the major at the junior level. Many of these courses may also be used to meet Liberal Studies or other requirements; some are in addition to them. Ask your advisor about prerequisite courses for your major.

Other graduation requirements

In addition to the above, FSU requires that all students satisfy a series of graduation requirements. Formative experiences like Internships, Study Abroad, and Garnet and Gold Scholars are strongly encouraged. More information on these University-wide requirements can be obtained from your academic advisor. To view a checklist of requirements beyond your major, visit http://liberalstudies.fsu.edu/student-resources.html.


If you add together all of the above, the total for students in almost all majors will be less than the required 120 units. Since at least 120 units are needed to graduate, most students will take “electives” to bring the total number of credits up to the required number. Electives can be courses taken to develop another skill, explore other fields, or just for fun.