• Wide-shot photo of Wescott Fountain and the circular brick pathway around it

Structure of Florida State University

Florida State University is a collection of separate colleges that break the university into smaller administrative units along academic lines. There are 16 colleges and 1 school at FSU offering undergraduate programs. Each of these units has a Dean’s office that is responsible for the academic program of students in that unit. Most freshmen enter FSU as part of the Division of Undergraduate Studies which serves as the academic home for freshmen and sophomores. Students admitted into the College of Music or into one of the BFA programs in Theatre and Dance bypass Undergraduate Studies and enter their graduating college at the very beginning of their career at FSU. Most students remain in Undergraduate Studies until they have met the criteria to be admitted into one of the programs offered by the graduating schools and colleges. This typically occurs during the sophomore year.

A college may contain one or more departments. Each department may offer one or more degrees comprised of one or more majors some of which may have one or more tracks within the major. Here is an example of how this works: Biomedical Mathematics is a major track within the Mathematics program that leads to a baccalaureate degree in Mathematics through the Department of Mathematics within the College of Arts and Sciences. Most programs are not as complex as this example, but it does sometimes make it difficult to find information about an academic program. You may view a list of FSU majors in alphabetical order at Academic Program Guide.

It is important to know who your Dean is at all points during your academic career, because it is the Dean’s office that is responsible for your records and certifies you for graduation. For most of you that will initially be the Division of Undergraduate Studies located in A3400 University Center (850.644.2451). Your Dean’s office is always a good place to start whenever you have a question about your academic life at FSU.