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Testing to Earn College Credit — AP, IB, CLEP, & AICE

Orientation will take place well in advance of you receiving your test results. Advisors are used to this and are prepared to advise you using “anticipated credit.” You can help your advisor by providing a list of all the college credit you have either earned or anticipate earning prior to the start of your first term. All policies concerning the awarding of credit for test scores, while usually stable, is subject to change pending actions by the legislature and other educational governing bodies. You may view the most current information on this at Credit by Examination.


Students usually take these tests at the end of their junior or senior year in high school. The scoring scale is 1-5. No credit is allowed for a score of 1 or 2. (Sciences include laboratory credit for Liberal Studies.) Make sure you have requested that this credit be sent to FSU. If you earned AP Credit during your junior year and did not take an AP Exam during your senior year we may not have your scores from last year. Contact The College Board-AP to request the scores be resent to FSU. If you have the test results sent to you from the College Board you may also bring them by the Admissions Office for posting to your transcript. Go to AP Credit to see the current list of credit awarded for AP exams.


Current policy allows up to 30 hours of credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, but policies differ depending on whether the student is a diploma holder or not. To view the current list of credits awarded for IB exams, go to IB Credit.


These tests are normally taken before a student enters college, but may be taken under certain circumstances after the student enrolls. Credit is awarded only for CLEP Subject Area Exams. Science, math, and engineering majors entering FSU without any college credit in algebra-based math are encouraged to take the College Algebra and/or Pre-Calculus CLEP tests prior to attending Orientation. CLEP tests are available at most colleges and universities around the state at a cost of around $80 per test. At FSU CLEP tests are administered through the Center for Assessment and Testing; for information about registering for CLEP tests at FSU, see https://distance.fsu.edu/proctored-testing.

If the student is taking, or has taken, any college level course considered similar to the subject matter on the examination, the student will not be allowed any credit for that test. To see a list of CLEP tests and related credit, go to CLEP Credit.

AICE Scores

The University awards credit for these exams which are administered in some high schools. For a list of examinations and associated credits, see AICE.