What Makes FSU Home?

At Florida State University, we often hear students refer to this school and campus as a “home away from home,” but what does this really mean? What actually makes FSU a home? The answer varies from person to person depending on what they are involved in on campus, but there are some notable homelike attributes at Florida State University that the community as a whole can recognize.

A valuable characteristic that FSU has to make it feel like home is the abundance of resources on campus that proves that the University cares for its students and their physical or mental health. This is especially evident through the University Health Services (UHS) located in the Health and Wellness Center. The mission of the UHS is simple yet impactful: to promote and improve the overall health and well-being of FSU students. The UHS has physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants available to provide students a variety of services, including:

  • Medical treatment for acute and chronic conditions
  • Travel Clinic for overseas immunization requirements
  • Physicals and Annual Exams
  • Dedicated Women’s Care
  • Treatment procedures such as laceration repair, incision and drainage, and biopsies
  • Diagnostic outpatient procedures such as lab, x-rays, EKGs and Ultrasound
  • Allergy Clinic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychiatry

FSU also has partnered with United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR) to provide FSU students and their dependents comprehensive and cost-effective insurance. Having these resources so easily accessible to the FSU community yields a sense of safety and comfort to the campus and eases the concerns of many students and their families. For more information on the University Health Services, click here.

Another reassuring resource that the University provides is the Counseling & Psychological Services located in the Askew Student Life Building. Counseling & Psychological Services is perhaps one of the most important resources on FSU’s campus. They have a huge variety of services that they provide to students, including alcohol and other drug services, couples counseling, crisis intervention, eating disorder treatment, group counseling, individual counseling and more. They also provide an abundance of resources to parents on how to help their students when it comes to mental health. Counseling & Psychological Services also provides services to FSU faculty and staff on campus. Knowing that these resources are available gives students and families relief and comfort when it comes to life’s greatest challenges and figuring out how to maneuver them. For more information on the Counseling & Psychological Services, click here.

FSU is also able to feel like home through the ample opportunities to get involved on our campus through the Office of Student Organizations and Involvement, especially by participating in Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). With over 750 RSOs on campus, students are guaranteed to find a place where they belong at Florida State University. If there isn’t an organization for you, the Office of Student Organizations and Involvement makes starting your own RSO super easy. This office also provides several events to students on campus, including Homecoming, the Involvement Fair and Leadership Awards Night. The office also has an amazing resource called Nole Central which puts the ability for students to find organizations, events and other ways to get involved conveniently in one place. Finding a sense of belonging on a college campus is requisite to a student’s success and wellbeing throughout their time in college, and Florida State University makes effortless to find that home. For more information on the office of Student Organizations and Involvement, click here.

While all of these resources are crucial to making FSU a home, they all have one major detail in common that Florida State cannot be a home without: the people. The people at this university are a crowd that is unlike something you could find anywhere else. The deep-rooted tradition of this school that everyone in this community takes pride in every single day is unique. Between the many traditions on game days, participating in historic Homecoming events, or even just hearing the Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold ring through the campus three times a day, there is no better home than Florida State University.

Even though you may not live in Tallahassee or attend classes at FSU, you are part of the FSU community too--and we hope FSU feels like home for you as well! As shared earlier, one of the best parts of our home is the people and we want you to know that there are people here to support you as well. Whether you want a recommendation on the best eats in Tallahassee, need guidance to help your student get more connected on campus, or you need to know who to contact about paying a bill or voicing a concern, we hope you know that New Student & Family Programs is here for you. We’re happy to be your people that can make you and your student feel like you’re at home!

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