Family Connection: As a family member, we believe that you are one of our most important partners in ensuring student success at FSU. Because you are so important to us, we have a resource exclusively for you called FSU Family Connection!

Finding Help, Getting Connected: The Department of Student Support & Transitions has provided some commonly used resources across campus, including contact information and websites to assist in getting engaged with these services.

Student Handbook: Students at Florida State University are expected to exercise freedoms in a responsible manner in accordance with all University rules and regulations. The information in the Student Handbook supports students’ continued success and the exercising of responsible freedoms.

ADA Information: As part of the University’s campus-wide ADA compliance program, this webpage is provided with links to many ADA and disability-related resources.

Reporting Discrimination and Grievances instructions for staff, faculty, and students: Reporting Discrimination and Grievances PDF

Reporting Descriptions & Routing Info: Florida State University strives to keep our community safe-- allows students, faculty, staff, and community members to share important information regarding incidents or concerning behavior happening at FSU. This resource outlines the types of reports FSU receives, who the reports are routed to, and important contact information for related offices and services.

Grievance/Complaint Procedures for Persons with Disabilities: Any grievances or complaints alleged as violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act as amended (hereafter referred to as ADA), to include denials of reasonable accommodation requests, may be filed with the Office of Accessibility Services, the Department of Student Support and Transitions, Dean of the Faculties, or the Human Resources Department.

Hazing Prevention: Florida State University's official anti-hazing website, providing resources such as links to the FSU Code of Conduct, Florida State Hazing Laws, and a portal for reporting hazing.

kNOw More: Sexual Violence Prevention: The kNOw MORE sexual violence prevention initiative is about action, education, and the continuum of care for our students, faculty, and staff. The website provides educational resources, avenues to getting assistance, and a portal for incident reporting.

Faculty & Staff Emergency Guide to use when assisting distressed students or when dealing with a person with a weapon.

How to Assist a student of Concern: These guides are provided for faculty and staff to assist in recognizing the signs that indicate psychological or emotional distress in a student and how to respond effectively. How to Assist a student of Concern PDF How to Assist a student of Concern DOCX

Food for Thought Pantry: The Department of Student Support and Transitions at FSU runs a food pantry for students who are experiencing food insecurity, providing a place for students to collect nonperishable, refrigerated and frozen food items.

Interfaith Council at FSU: The Interfaith Council gathers a wide variety of religious traditions who provide faith services and faith communities for students of the University so that they may practice their faith according to the dictates of their consciences and be informed of opportunities for the exploration of faith free.

The Seminole Creed defines the values, morals, and ethical norms at Florida State, and is a promise each member of our community makes to ourselves and each other.