Finding Help, Getting Connected

Getting connected to the right office or department on campus and knowing how to navigate all of the resources available to you can be challenging, especially in a time of crisis or stress. The Department of Student Support & Transitions wants to help you find the right resource and provide you with support for ultimate success, however that looks for you. 

Click through the topic areas below for some commonly used resources across campus. We have included contact information and websites to assist you in getting engaged with these services. 

If at any time you are feeling lost or unsure of who to contact, feel free to contact the Department of Student Support & Transitions and we would be happy to help get you on the right path. 

Please note: If this is an emergency, please contact the Florida State University Police Department immediately at (850) 644-1234.

Getting Involved/Connected

There are a variety of opportunities on campus and it's natural to need a little time to figure things out. Consider these resources as you start discovering all FSU has to offer:

Student Organizations & Involvement
(850) 644-6673

Upcoming Events

Campus Recreation

Union Productions
(850) 644-6673


There are a lot of different resources on campus dealing with finances--whether you need help paying your bill, applying for funding or scholarships, managing your finances, or finding a campus job, we've got you covered:

Financial Aid
(850) 644-0539

Student Business Services
(850) 644-9452

Career Center
(850) 644-6431


Center for Health Advocacy & Wellness
(850) 644-8871


Academics are important! After all, it's why you're here. Contact the following for some additional support related to your coursework:

Undergraduate Studies
(850) 644-2451

Academic Advising

Academic Center for Excellence
(850) 645-9151

FSU Library
(850) 644-2706

Health & Wellness

Staying healthy is essential to your college experience. Utilize the following resources to help you excel in all of the 9 dimensions of wellness:

University Health Services
(850) 644-6230

University Counseling Center
(850) 644-TALK (8255)

Center for Health Advocacy & Wellness
(850) 644-8871

Campus Recreation


Keeping our community safe is one of our top priorities and you play an essential role in that. Connect with these resources if you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others:

Victim Advocate Program
(850) 644-7161

Student Conduct & Community Standards
(850) 644-5136

FSU Police Department
(850) 644-1234

Report a Concern


If you don't know who to contact or what resources are right for your situation, contact the Department of student support & Transitions. Even if we're not the right place on campus, we're here to help get you connected and provide support.

Department of Student Support & Transitions
(850) 644-2428