The Seminole Creed

Values and Morals at The Florida State University

The guiding ethical norm at FSU is responsible freedom. As a member of this community, I promise the following:

I will be honest and truthful at all times and work for personal and institutional integrity at Florida State University.

I will show respect for others, the University, the community, and myself.

I will pursue excellence in my learning and living in the University and beyond.

Freedom of Speech and Inquiry
I will support academic freedom, including the right of dissent and freedom of speech.

I will learn from and about those who are different and work to make the University inclusive.

I will treat others in a fair manner and strive to make the University a community of justice.

I will act as a responsible citizen in the University and beyond, participating in those activities fostering citizenship.

I will take time for adventure, discovery, fun, excitement and friendship.