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Connecting Over Winter Break

Winter break is a much anticipated time of the year for both students and their families. You are excited for your student to return home and spend time with family while your student is excited to finally have a break from the hectic fall semester. These two thought processes are conflicting; you may want to spend time with your student and do activities with them while they may want to have time to themselves and take a breather from busy days. This can cause friction between students and families. 

Office Spotlight: Career Center

One of the most beneficial resources that Florida State University has to offer on its campus is the Career Center. The Career Center has creatively developed an effective, collaborative, interdepartmental array of career services for students and other University constituents. Located in the Dunlap Student Success Center, the Career Center strives to be the preeminent career center model for designing and delivering comprehensive, innovative, and inclusive career and employment services. 

Hard Facts About Fake IDs

Going out to clubs and bars is a past time for many college-aged students across the nation. These outings can be fun for social opportunities with friends and to connect with other students from the institution. However, what has become a common issue is the use of fake IDs. The FSU Police Department made over 30 arrests for fraudulent IDs in the first two months of Fall 2021.

What Makes FSU Home?

At Florida State University, we often hear students refer to this school and campus as a “home away from home,” but what does this really mean? What actually makes FSU a home? The answer varies from person to person depending on what they are involved in on campus, but there are some notable homelike attributes at Florida State University that the community as a whole can recognize.

Office Spotlight: Food for Thought Pantry

Is your family or your student facing food insecurity? At Florida State University, we are very fortunate to have several resources on our campus that support students facing financial instability. Did you know that the Department of Student Support and Transitions runs a food pantry for currently enrolled students who are facing food insecurity? Located in University Center A, Suite 4148, the Food for Thought Pantry, a partnership with Second Harvest of the Big Bend, provides food and other items to students to make sure that their shelves and freezers stay stocked.

Reporting 101

While there is no doubt that your student will be successful beyond measure during their time at FSU, there may come a time where they and/or you experience something that makes them uncomfortable or is cause for concern.  Should that happen, the Department of Student Support and Transition (DSST) is a great place to start via report.fsu.edu, Florida State University’s reporting website.  Please note that this website is not a place for reporting someone who is in immediate danger

Class Registration is Here: Is Your Student Ready to Register for Classes?

It’s that time of the semester: class registration. Florida State University students are already able to view the Spring 2022 Registration Guide and search Spring 2022 course listings through myFSU. On Monday, October 11, registration for Spring 2022 begins and is staggered based on credit hours throughout the rest of the Fall semester. 

Office Spotlight: Counseling & Psychological Services

Has your student ever wanted to look for counseling but didn’t even know where to start? Counseling & Psychological Services at FSU has all the resources that your student  may be searching for! Formerly known as the University Counseling Center, Counseling & Psychological Services is located in the Askew Student Life Center Building. It is home to psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, treatment coordinators and mental health education coordinators. Counseling & Psychological Services offers a range of services to students.