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Goodbye Fall 2022

The fall semester is coming to an end. Endings bring different feelings for different people: relief, happiness, anxiety, sadness, closure, and more. The most important thing to keep in mind is that endings are also beginnings. Especially for students, it is important to remember this. 

Finals Resources

The holidays are coming up! With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s easy to trick your brain into believing that the semester is coming to a close. Unfortunately, there are still two weeks between Thanksgiving break and winter break, the latter of which is finals week. Luckily for students here at Florida State, there are plenty of resources on campus that will keep you focused and prepare you for finals. 

Spring 2023 Enrollment Appointments

Spring 2023 Course Registration Begins Oct. 10

Though it may seem very far from the end of the fall semester, FSU students should start planning now to enroll in Spring 2023 classes. You can encourage your student to take steps now to prepare for course registration. FSU encourages students to enroll the day their enrollment appointment begins to get the best choice of available classes, and they can adjust enrollment through Dec. 16.

Enrollment Appointments