Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between withdrawal and dropping?

All Students, including regular (degree seeking), special (non-degree seeking) and All State University System (SUS) transient students, who wish to leave the university during a term, must formally withdraw. Withdrawal is a formal separation from the University. This process allows students to meet with their Academic Deans and/or professor(s) to determine their options. Dropping all classes does not constitute formal withdrawal. Dropping is a process of reducing a course load for a particular semester, usually one of two courses. Students who do not attend classes and think the course(s) will automatically be dropped due to non-attendance and fail to withdraw will be assigned grades of “F” for each course.

Is possible to withdraw past the deadline date?

Yes, a withdrawal after the semester has ended is called a “Retroactive Withdrawal” and requires a written request. A Retroactive Withdrawal must be discussed with your Academic Dean prior to initiating the process.

Do I need clearance from the Office of Financial Aid before withdrawing?

If you are a financial aid recipient we recommend that you contact your financial aid representative to determine how withdrawing may affect your financial aid for the future.

Do I need to speak to my professor(s) before completing the withdrawal process?

We highly recommend that you speak with your professor(s) prior to withdrawing to determine your status in the course(s). Depending on the quality of work at the time of withdrawal, grades of “W” or “F” will be assigned by your instructor(s) and placed on the student’s transcript with the withdrawal statement.

I owe money for this semester; does the Office of Financial Services need to know that I am withdrawing?

Yes, the Office of Financial Services may be able to assist you with setting up a payment plan. If you are a financial aid recipient you are required to do an exit interview.

When I withdraw, do I need to speak with someone from my college or department?

Yes, the withdrawal process requires the consideration of your academic dean. If a withdrawal is necessary, it is best to start with the Academic Dean of your College to discuss the implications and viability of withdrawing, as well as, any alternative academic options that may exist.

How is a withdrawal shown on my transcript?

The statement “Withdrew from the University” will appear on the university transcripts of students who properly withdraw within the first seven weeks of class. After that and depending on the quality of work at the time of withdrawal, grades of “W” or “F” will be assigned by instructors and placed on the students’ transcript with the withdrawal statement above.

I want to attend FSU the next term of enrollment; Will withdrawing from this semester affect that process?

Yes, withdrawing could affect enrollment for the next semester. Your Academic Dean will determine re-entry and readmission for the next term of enrollment.

If I am a financial aid recipient, do I have to return my financial aid if I withdraw?

Yes, depending on the type of aid(s) you receive. Students who withdraw and have received state and/or federal financial aid (Title IV funds) will be required to repay the amount of unearned financial aid funds disbursed to them base upon your withdrawal date.

Do I need clearance from University Housing before withdrawing?

Yes, If you have entered into contractual agreement with University Housing, you must contact them to determine your responsibility.

Will my parents be notified of my withdrawal?

If you are under 18 years of age, a parental statement is required prior to the processing of your withdrawal application. If you are over 18 years of age, your parents will not be notified.

What is an Exit interview?

An exit interview is a loan counseling session in which you are advised of your loan repayment schedule, obligations and rights to deferment and/or cancellation. Your school is required by the federal government to conduct this exit interview whenever you withdraw from the University.

Why is Florida State University requiring me to complete an exit interview?

Florida State University is required by the federal government to conduct this exit interview whenever you are no longer enrolled. Some reasons that Florida State University may require you to complete an exit interview are:

  • You are graduating from the University.
  • The registrar’s office shows you as enrolled less than half time.
  • You are withdrawing from school.
  • You are transferring to another school.
  • You are taking a leave of absence from school.
  • You are attending a semester abroad.

By completing the exit interview, does this mean I cannot go back to school?

No, it does not mean that you cannot go back to school, transfer to a different school, or continue to receive financial aid.

What happens if I do not complete the exit interview?

Your account at the university could be placed on hold preventing you from registering for classes or requesting transcripts.