Providing Assistance to Students Through FSU Foundation

As students are having to adjust to the new lifestyle of remote learning, Florida State University recognizes that many students endure circumstances that require additional support or assistance. In order for students to continue receiving the highest quality education possible, President John Thrasher has implemented student emergency funds to help with aid for these students.

Through the FSU Foundation, these student emergency funds are able to help FSU’s Tallahassee and Panama City students as they reach out for financial assistance in efforts to lighten the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their educational experience. The money gifted by FSU supporters will go to a variety of student needs, such as technology to optimize distance learning, rent and living expenses due to job loss or reduced hours, food insecurity, transportation to their home, medical bills, and more. 

To give to the FSU Student Emergency Fund, you can visit this page.
To give to the FSU Panama City Emergency Fund, you can visit this page.
To apply to the FSU Student Emergency Fund, your student can visit this page.

In addition to these two student emergency funds, FSU supporters can also donate to the FSU Food For Thought Pantry. The Food For Thought Pantry is continuing to support students that continue to live on FSU’s campus or those who haven’t left the greater Tallahassee area. To support the FSU student food pantry, items can be purchased directly from the Food For Thought Pantry’s Amazon Wish List
To learn more about this giving initiative, you can visit the FSU Foundation website here.