• Students table at a Disability Awareness Week event featuring the artist, James Durbin.

Mentoring, Access, & Peer Support

The MAPS (Mentoring, Access, and Peer Support) Programs are a family of academic, personal, and professional success programs established by the Office of Accessibility Support to promote retention and graduation of students with disabilities at FSU. The mission of the MAPS Program is to foster community with students with disabilities by facilitating opportunities for connection, engagement, and support throughout their transition to and during their studies at FSU. Participation in these programs is open to any students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services unless otherwise noted. 

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Hannah Rittenhouse, OAS Ambassador, takes a phone for the Last First Day of School event for seniors in Fall 2019.

Ambassador Program

As OAS's premier leadership opportunity for students with disabilities, Ambassadors are the student face of OAS's accessibility and disability-inclusion initiatives at FSU.

Promotional graphic for Instagram promoting the Engage 100 class.

Engage 100 Class

First-year students with disabilities can take a one hour course focused on success strategies for their first year at FSU.

Promotional graphic advertising OAS"s Peer Mentor Program, Nole2Nole Peer Mentoring.

NOle2Nole Mentoring

Incoming students registered with OAS can receive targeted support from a peer registered with our office.

Student uses technical equipment to conduct a Chemistry experiment in a Chemistry lab at FSU.

GOGrad with OAS

To support further education of students with disabilities, current students can get one-on-one support for exploring options for graduate and professional school.