Frequently Asked Questions

How does the victim advocate program work?

Our Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Advocates respond to victims 24 hours a day to provide crisis intervention and appropriate referrals.
  • Weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., contact an advocate by calling 644.7161, texting (850) 756-4320, or coming by UCA 4100.
  • For evening and weekends, call 644.7161 to get connected with an On-Call Advocate. In case of medical emergency or crisis, contact 911 or 644.1234 (FSU Police Department).

Why does FSU need victim advocacy?

FSU recognizes that the university campus is a community of its own and that it holds a responsibility to that community. Victims in any community should have access to appropriate and compassionate support for their needs as well as access to advocates in legal and educational processes. Florida State University established the Victim Advocate Program to provide those services.

Who can use the victim advocate program?

A confidential advocate is on call twenty-four hours a day to respond to FSU students, faculty, and staff who are victimized anywhere or at any time, as well as any other person who is victimized on our campus, at an FSU sponsored event, or by an FSU community member.

Services offered include emotional support, instructor notification, referrals, crisis intervention and assistance in student conduct, legal and medical matters.

Victimizations include sexual assault, sexual battery, Intimate partner violence, stalking, harassment, robbery, theft, battery, home invasions, homicide, manslaughter, etc.

What services are offered?

At the request of the victim; a victim advocate will:

  • Contact professors and employers on the person’s behalf.
  • Contact Financial Aid and Withdrawal services when a victimization impacts grades.
  • Provide appropriate referrals:
    • To individual counseling services and support groups.
    • To medical services – an advocate can accompany a victim to any of the Tallahassee hospitals or the Wellness center for anything related to a victimization.
    • To Legal and Judicial services – an advocate can accompany a victim and assist in filling out paperwork; attend judicial proceedings; maintain contact with the police department, State Attorney’s Office and FSU Office of Student’s Rights and Responsibilities regarding the student’s case.
    • To Student Housing – temporary lodging can be arranged for FSU student victims when an unsafe condition exists or for parents who come to provide support to the student during the time of crisis. The program can also request relocation within Student Housing or release from contract.

The Victim Advocates are ultimately here to listen and provide support.

Will I have to file a police report?

No, you are not required to fill out a police report.

Are there educational services offered through VAP?

The Victim Advocate Program offers educational presentations to campus organizations on various victim issues. For more information or to schedule a presentation, visit

The VAP also offers bachelor’s and master’s level internships. Please request information on this program through the dean’s office in your respective college/program.