General Information

  • To initiate the Withdrawal Process students must first discuss their circumstances with their Academic Dean.
  • If the Dean supports your request he or she will refer you to Withdrawal Services to initiate a withdrawal by completing several forms online.
  • The student will contact the Office of Withdrawal Services. The withdrawal process will be explained and the student will either be referred to his or her dean or the withdrawal application will be assigned to the student’s FSU’s “To Do List” for completion and submission.
  • Once the Withdrawal application has been submitted, the Withdrawal Staff will forward the application to the Academic Dean for review.
  • The withdrawal staff will centrally facilitate the process through the appropriate university officials.
  • The finalization of the withdrawal is non-reversal.

Returning undergraduate degree-seeking students who have withdrawn from the University and have been absent for three or more consecutive terms (including summer), must submit a Readmissions application found under the Quick Links “Other” in the Office of Admissions 850.644.1050.

More Information

Withdrawal information on Transcripts