Note taking and testing accommodations are two of the most common used by students registered with the OAS. To fully meet those accommodations, faculty needs to work with the OAS closely.

A core component of universal design for instruction is making information accessible to all students equally. No matter if that is through text books, class handouts, required readings, tests, or classroom lectures, students must have the ability to engage and learn, whatever the format.

While the OAS has an alternative text unit that assists students with document conversion, the unit is not equipped or staffed to support all academic departments. Accommodations can range anywhere from recording class lectures to having materials available in Braille.

Below are links to pages fully explaining faculty responsibilities regarding these accommodations, such as how to arrange for note takers in class and what to do when notified that a student is testing at the OAS on–site testing center. Also below are links to pages that give more information about how to prepare materials for classes: