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Note Taking

In order to receive note taking assistance as an accommodation, students must be present for class and be attentive. In rare instances, the student may have an accommodation to receive notes when not present for class.

If a student has the in–class note taking accommodation, faculty have several options in helping to insure that notes are provided. Instructors should identify two in–class note–takers for the course; one to serve as the primary note-taker and the other to serve in the primary note–takers absence. Instructors should make sure to inform students that they can earn ServScript hours for being volunteer note-takers. 

Options for providing notes to students with this accommodation include :

  • Option 1: Students who volunteer to be note takers can use the OAS's online platform to anonymously upload their scanned notes or computer files for retrieval by the students who need those notes. Instructions to provide to students who wish to use this convenient and easy method are available for download: Note-taker Clockwork Instructions PDF.
    Notes must be uploaded within 24 hours of class.
  • Option 2: Note-takers use NCR carbonless paper are available through the OAS. Guidelines for doing so are included in the Note–taking Memo that is attached to the NCR note pads. The instructor would then forward them to the student within 24 hours of class.
  • Option 3: Note-takers take notes on their laptop computer. The note takers would e–mail the notes to the instructor, or the student if the student’s email is provided in such a way that the student cannot be identified, at the conclusion of class. If forwarded to the instructor, the notes should either be forwarded to the student, posted in an accessible location (Canvas or website) or printed and provided to the student In order to receive this accommodation, students must be present for class and be attentive. This must be done within 24 hours of class.
  • Option 4: Instructors may give copies of classroom lecture notes, power point presentation, transparencies, or overheads that they use for daily lectures. Instructors may utilize Canvas or by posting notes online. Power Point presentations, overheads and transparencies must be provided to the student prior to the lecture.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the OAS at oas@fsu.edu or call (850)644–9569.