Students with the testing accommodations receive 50% or 100% extra time to take quizzes, tests, and exams. Extended time ensures that the student’s performance is reflective of the student’s mastery of material rather than the speed at which a student performs. Extended time also applies to all quizzes, tests and exams administered via Canvas in which a timer is being used.

Students are responsible for scheduling tests to be taken at the OAS testing center, but faculty are given immediate notification by email whenever a student does so. At that point it is incumbent on faculty to approve the time/date of the test and to deliver the test to the testing center supervisor in a timely manner. General expectations are that tests will be delivered at least two business days prior to the testing date, although more time may be needed if the test needs to be made accessible through conversion or by supplementing (e.g. tactile images for blind students).

Online testing: The OAS testing center computers are configured to administer tests using Canvas, eGrade, MyMathLab, and ExamSoft. If you are using a testing service that is not listed here, please contact the OAS testing center at least a week prior to testing at oas-testing@fsu.edu.

Students that receive exam accommodations may need to test in the OAS Exam Lab. The student should provide you with their accommodation letter prior to scheduling a quiz, test or exam with OAS. If you receive a request from a student from whom you have not received a letter please inform us as soon as possible.

Exams are kept locked in a secure location until time to administer. The testing environment at the OAS is monitored by physical proctors, video cameras and a remote system that allows staff members to see what students are doing on their computer screen during exams on which a computer may be used. Instructors are welcome at any time to visit our facility to insure that the integrity of the exam process is being upheld.

In the event that academic dishonesty is suspected, our policy is to stop the exam and notify the instructor immediately. Our office does not make decisions on penalties, but will provide any information regarding what was witnessed.

The testing center resides inside the OAS, located in the Student Services Building, 874 Traditions Ways – Room 108.

Any questions regarding exam accommodations should be sent to:

Office of Accessibility Services Exam Lab

The OAS uses a test scheduling service called AIM. Faculty can expect to receive multiple emails from this service on the OAS's behalf informing them of students scheduling tests and asking them to upload tests or provide passwords as necessary. Instructions for faculty logging into AIM for testing related reasons: PDF / Word (.docx)

An alternative testing agreement is an electronic document completed by faculty on AIM that provides the OAS with information on how quizzes, midterms, and final are administered in class. For instance, it can let proctors know how long in-class quizzes are and whether the use of a calculator or a cheat sheet is allowed. This ensures that students who test at the OAS testing center are provided with the same instructions as the class. Instructions on how to fill out an alternative testing contract: PDF / Word (.docx)

Students are required to schedule tests with our office at least a week in advance using the AIM online student portal test scheduler. This means if a test is to take place on Monday, they will need to register it on the previous Monday. We understand that there may be circumstances when one week advance notice cannot be given (pop quizzes). Our office can work with those cases as needed and discuss a plan with the instructor and student for those times.

The link below has the instructions for students scheduling a test: dsst.fsu.edu/oas/services/exam-lab

Once a student has scheduled a test with our office, you will receive an email notification requesting that you submit the test. If you think that you have received this notification in error, please let us know as soon as possible.