Kurzweil3000 Membership

Students of Florida State University are eligible for a FREE membership with Kurzweil3000, one of the top literacy tools available today! It includes text-to-speech tools for a variety of formats, zoom features, highlighting, and more! Your membership will allow you to use both the online access version and the full-featured downloadable software app. 

Register for a Kurzweil3000 account for FREE by clicking this link: Kurzweil3000 sign up form

Sign up instructions:
1. You must use your FSU email address
2. Please make sure to select "Florida State University" in the "School/Org" drop down field
3. You must add your FSU EMPLID in the "External ID" field. Your EMPLID is a nine digit code which you can find under "Identity Management" in your FSU Portal. 


Kurzweil 3000 Online brings digital, text-based content and literacy tools to anyone who desires assistance with literacy skills. It’s available anytime and anywhere an Internet connection exists, and from any computer running a Windows or Macintosh operating system. Kurzweil 3000 supports any Web browser, and reads Kurzweil Educational Systems KES files as well as other file formats.

- Click to open files from Google Docs, Bookshare, Reading A-Z
- Read text in Word, PDF, RTF, JPG
- Read the Web Chrome extension with customizable options
- Customize reading options; speed, mode and units
- Zoom in for low vision
- 31 Natural Text-to-Speech voices in 18 languages and dialects
- Highlight in yellow, blue, green and pink
- Extract notes and highlighters into a Study Guide
- Access Definitions instantly with American Heritage Fifth Edition, Children’s, College writers dictionaries
- Translate full sentences and passages
- Read embedded Text Notes and Sticky Notes (or hide them)

Read the Web Chrome Extension: Add the Kurzweil 3000 (K3k) Read The Web Chrome Extension to have web content read aloud. You can now listen to tweets or research articles in 30 natural text-to-speech voices that read aloud in 17 languages and dialects.
- Read efficiently with audio (text-to-speech) and visual (highlights as reads) presentation of material
- Reduce reading fatigue with human-quality text-to-speech voices
- Improve comprehension with instant access to 3 types of dictionaries
- Customize reading rate and presentation to suite your preferences
- Download at the chrome web app store

Kurzweil 3000 downloadable software program offers integrated features that supplement and enhance reading, studying, and writing skills It provides users with multiple ways to access information with tools to help accomplish tasks independently and practice active learning skills.
- 31 Natural Text-to-Speech voices in over 18 languages and dialects
- Customizable reading rate and presentation
- Improve readability with OpenDyslexic font and Text magnification
- Magnify text for learners with visual impairments
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Read text in Word, PDF, EPUB, RTF, Daisy, and on the Web
- Read locked text in PDFs and images, exactly as they appear
- Create MP3 files and add to iTunes Playlist
- Resume Reading brings opens the exact page you were last reading
- Ensure reading and test-taking integrity—now even faster—with Dual Zone Editing
- Use Page Range to bring in select pages or chapters into the online library
- Read aloud basic math with Talking calculator
- Change background and text color with the click of a button

For the dowloadable app:

Windows: https://www.kurzweiledu.com/k3win
Mac: https://www.kurzweiledu.com/k3mac 
Be sure to download the “Version 20 (subscription/web license)” as that will tie to your existing K3k account. One thing to note is that the install file is very large and takes a few minutes to set up, so please expect that.
Getting started guides are here: https://www.kurzweil3000.com/help.php
And I highly suggest visiting their Kurzweil Academy for how-to vids and more: https://www.kurzweiledu.com/kurzweil-academy/kurzweil-academy.html